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See, this is exactly what I mean

I wasn’t just throwing out absurd hypotheticals in my post a few days ago about Hosanna-Tabor Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this as an example to use then, but — remember that Swedish group that’s founded a religion which holds “the copying of files to be a […]

Another patriotic atheist

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans out there! Given the fact that “godless” is a political insult in the United States, and one recent president actually wasn’t sure if atheists deserved to be counted as citizens, I feel the need to make it especially clear that I love being an American and I care […]

Enough is enough

Timothy Egan’s NYT Opinionator column about Jon Huntsman had a refreshingly snarky beginning: Politicians are trained from the time they mouth their first public lie to be reflexively certain about everything. So it was startling and certainly encouraging to hear Jon Huntsman sound less than convinced the other day about the God of his Mormon […]

Freedom to protest

Let’s say — hypothetically — you didn’t like religion. Suppose you thought it was nothing but ancient superstition holding back the progress of society. Or, say your complaint was more religion-specific: you thought Scientology was an elaborate con to steal people’s money, you thought the Catholic Church was complicit in the abuse of thousands children, […]

When “American” means Christian

As an atheist in the United States, I’m surrounded by messages that I am a second-class citizen. Not only are atheists the demographic least trusted in elections, a frighteningly large number of states specifically (and unconstitutionally) prohibit atheists from holding public office. The military, presumed to be all but the definition of what American heroes […]

Supreme stupidity

The Supreme Court just released its decision in Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn [PDF]. It is bad, but not in the way you’d expect. First, let me explain the details of the case. Arizona law sets up a legal category called a “student tuition organization.” This is a private group that gives scholarships […]

(Belated) Friday Link Roundup #28

Ebonmuse has a very insightful post on privilege, religious and otherwise. The US army is digging itself even deeper into the hole it already fell into with that whole “spiritual fitness” test controversy. Matthew Yglesias (who’s also an atheist, yay!) posted some thoughts about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islam, and the future government of Egypt. No […]

Happy Thanksgiving

I never really thought of Thanksgiving as a religious holiday. Sure, I understood that “to give thanks” implies a direct object (one gives thanks to some person or other entity), and I knew that other families said a prayer before the meal. We said a prayer when joining certain parts of my extended family for […]

Restoring sanity and/or fear

Well, Election Day in the US is over. I don’t have much to say about it — no big surprises, a couple reliefs and a couple disappointments, but nothing that isn’t being said everywhere else on the internet. I haven’t finished the third post in my mini-series about religious discrimination, though, so while we’re all […]

Friday Link Roundup #20

I found the Twitter feeds of Not Mark Driscoll and FakeSpurgeon this week. Almost makes me want to sign up for Twitter, just so I could follow them. Via FakeSpurgeon, I also bring you this fantastically bizarre story of a Texas pastor who gave six sermons while working out on an elliptical machine to promote […]