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Your permanent record

Do you remember how, in grade school, your teachers would threaten you with “a mark on your permanent record” if you misbehaved? Permanent was such a scary word. It meant forever, didn’t it? And that’s a long time. Of course, later we found out that our high schools knew next to nothing about our elementary […]

Refuting the Abrahamic faiths

Sometimes, I feel sort of guilty for spending as much time on Christianity as I do. I knew that this would happen when I started the blog, because I live in the US and Christianity is the primary form in which I encounter religious belief, and the primary form in which religious zealotry threatens my […]

Friday Link Roundup #32

Ray Comfort will be on The Atheist Experience this Sunday. I’ll definitely be watching. Maybe peeking through my fingers, but I’ll be watching. Chuck Colson tells his army of disciples, “This is the time for us to metastasize and impact society!” Like a malignant tumor? (Via.) Lesley Hazleton, working on a biography of Muhammad, gave […]

A vicious cycle of modesty

In Saudi Arabia, where the Qur’an is the “constitution” of the country and the government operates according to Sharia, it’s hard to be a woman. Women are forbidden to drive, must get written permission from a male “guardian” before they travel and in some regions before they work, and must always wear the abaya when […]

Discriminating against religious people

Having argued previously that people are not discriminating against Christians by pointing out Christianity’s role in driving homophobia and homophobic violence, I’d like to move on to address what I think is a more interesting broader question underlying this debate. Should we always be wary of “discriminating against” Christians — of treating Christians as a […]

My, how you’ve changed!

There are plenty of logical arguments to be had about whether a god might exist, or whether we have any evidence to suggest that a god actually does exist. However, I’m constantly being reminded, most religious people don’t actually justify their faith with such arguments (and, to be fair, many people who are atheists don’t […]

Friday Link Roundup #16

Robert Wright writes in the NYT Opinionator blog about “both sides of the Koran.” His message seems to be that we should be hopeful, because people can focus on the good stuff and learn to ignore the bad — which misses the point a bit. Still, interesting observations. The Hartford, CT City Council, which had […]

All the same god?

I’m sick of hearing that Jews, Christians, and Muslims “all worship the same god.” It’s such a popular characterization amongst proponents of interfaith collaboration. It sounds so nice. But it just doesn’t make sense. Suppose Alice says, “I believe in Zeus — he’s the god of the sky, and the king of all the gods.” […]

Reading others’ holy texts

In an ongoing “Ask Pastor John” series on the Desiring God ministry website, John Piper offers his answer to the question, “If I want people of other religions to consider the message of the Bible, should I be willing return the favor and read their holy books as well?” (Follow that link for a video […]

Speaking of “interfaith”…

Did you see this op-ed from the New York Times? The Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, wants everyone to know that we can all get along. (Thanks to Henry’s Trashcan for the tip.) WHEN I was a boy in Tibet, I felt that my own Buddhist religion must be the best — and that other faiths […]