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Yeah, about that “healing”…

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. I caught this cute little posting on my Facebook news feed a Sunday or two ago: This is only one of a few that my friend posted while recovering from a cold, but in all of them she talked […]

Faith healers holding out on us?

In the comments of a recent post on evidence-based versus faith-based claims, Luke Holzmann (who writes at the Sonlight Blog) had some interesting things to say about miracles, pointing out that “Your assumptions make a huge difference in [how you interpret] those instances.” When I responded with an example about people getting better from colds […]

Legitimate supernatural claims

I’ve had a number of conversations with theists in which they tell me their beliefs are grounded in evidence, not blind faith. As a scientist, I’m surprised when they can’t offer a hypothetical scenario in which they would change their beliefs. Because that’s the thing about basing your belief on evidence, isn’t it? If you […]

Confirmation bias, in a nutshell

Via STFU, Believers: If you believe prayer is worthwhile — please tell us, which is it? Do you get things because you pray for them, meaning that we can check to see if your god is real by seeing if believers always get what they pray for? Or does your god already have a perfect […]

Review: Answered Prayer Guaranteed!

Oh man, you guys. I found the best (read: funniest) book ever at the library. I want to review it for you, but I don’t know how that’s possible. I think the best approach is to just quote some choice passages — but even that’s hard, because it’s basically a cover-to-cover laughfest. And it’s really […]

An easy way to prove God is real!

Why is it that some Christians pretend that overwhelming physical evidence of their god’s existence is impossible? The Gospels themselves lay out instructions on how to demonstrate to the world that God is behind that faith that you have. As Netwriter shows so clearly in this video, there are no ifs, ands, or buts, no […]

Friday Link Roundup #37

Neuroscience suggests that extreme brand loyalty and religious devotion have a lot in common. (Via Slashdot.) You probably already read xkcd, but just in case, don’t miss this great comic about experimentalist monotheism. (And don’t forget the hover text!) Vjack is right: most Christians don’t believe the Rapture is going to happen tomorrow, but as […]

Exposing the faith healing scam

I’m not dead yet, guys, just too preoccupied with other things to pay as much attention to blogging as I’d really like to. With all that spare time you’re not spending reading my posts (which I do hope will return very soon — tomorrow?), perhaps you’d like to set aside an hour to watch this […]

Prayers for snow

I got a chuckle out of this picture posted on FailBlog as a “win.” A commenter says this picture was taken in Huntington, NY, which seems to be confirmed by this CBS New York post, but some Googling and squinting at the pastor’s name makes me think it’s more likely from Frederick, MD. At any […]

Friday Link Roundup #16

Robert Wright writes in the NYT Opinionator blog about “both sides of the Koran.” His message seems to be that we should be hopeful, because people can focus on the good stuff and learn to ignore the bad — which misses the point a bit. Still, interesting observations. The Hartford, CT City Council, which had […]