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In love with God?

I honestly can’t tell if this song is supposed to have a religious meaning or a romantic one. (Fans of Christian music, please hear me when I say, we’re not kidding when we say a lot of it sounds like people who want to make out with God. Major ick, though I guess not inconsistent […]

There’s no one like you

I have another Christian rock song to write about, this time because it’s one I hear on the radio extremely often. The Christians apparently love this song. It’s Chris Tomlin’s “Our God,” and I’m not sure whether it’s really accurate to call it “rock” because it’s so much in the mold of repetitive praise and […]

Well, I’m not afraid, so … great!

Dara Maclean’s song “Suitcases” caught my ear at first because of the unfortunate simile, “heavy like gravity.” (Ugh. Gravity makes balloons float as well as apples fall. But whatever.) After I had heard that line a few times and skipped to the next radio station, I started to wonder what the rest of the song […]

I’m no criminal, I’m not your enemy

If you haven’t heard this great summer single by O.A.R, you’re missing out. I was lucky enough to catch it on one of my recent car radio surfing extravaganzas (apparently it was released in June but it was new to me), and I actually thought that I had scanned to one of my many local […]

Just close your eyes

I caught a song on one of my local Christian radio stations (yes, there are quite a few) that fit in very well with this ongoing conversation we’ve been having about evidence-based approaches to belief: Nichole Nordeman’s “What If?” There are at least eight fan-made music videos of it on YouTube but I couldn’t find […]

Are you forgiven?

Occasionally I hear the accusation that, as an atheist, I probably just want an excuse to behave however I want. After all, religious folks assert, without a belief in a god I couldn’t possibly have any restrictions on my actions, any sense of right and wrong. This accusation is very misguided (if you disagree, stay […]

Better than a hallelujah?

It’s about time we had a look at another shockingly oblivious Christian tune. My mouth was literally hanging open when I heard this on the radio. I could not believe the lyrics. Well, I don’t believe the lyrics — and I was struggling to accept the obvious fact that some people can broadcast, listen to, […]

Beam me up, Scotty!

I’m not gone, I’ve just been super busy with research. I think I’ve pushed through the worst of it for now, and I’ve been recovering with lots of naps, Starcraft 2, Jell-O, and blogging. I’m working on some epic posts for y’all, but while sitting here writing I noticed I had this song in my […]

My favorite Christmas songs

‘Tis the season for hearing Christmas music wherever you go. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. When I was little, I used to surprise my parents by singing Christmas carols in the middle of July, so I sympathize with the atheists who’ve been discussing their favorite Christmas songs lately. Having ripped on a silly Christmas […]

What did Mary know?

One of the first times I can remember consciously and directly questioning the Jesus story was sometime around middle school. I was thinking about how Mary is said to be a virgin, but conceives a son anyway, and the explanation put forward for this is that God in the form of the Holy Spirit is […]