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Jesus died … why, again?

The basic message of Christianity, the key part that distinguishes it from the Judaism it grew out of, is that Jesus died on the cross in order to save humanity from our sins. His death was the final, greatest sacrifice which provided atonement for everyone, provided they believe in him as the Messiah and son […]

Family-friendly programming

I hear the term “family-friendly” used fairly often, especially on the radio, as a code word for “religious.” Christian radio station IDs include sound bites of happy moms explaining that they can leave this station on with their children in the car and “not have to worry” about what they might end up hearing. There’s […]

Why are there still Catholics?

I’ve been thinking about the Catholic Church quite a lot recently. There was FFRF’s full-page NYT ad last month, vjack’s post two weeks ago about people’s reasons for leaving Catholicism, and Adam Lee’s post last week about the papacy’s apparent embrace of its slow slide into irrelevance. On top of all that reading, though, there’s […]

Genesis 22 illustrated

Least I Could Do (an often-NSFW comic, be careful if you decide to read the archives) shows us why the story of Abraham and Isaac isn’t exactly inspiring: Click on the picture to see the other half of the strip. And don’t miss part 2 and part 3. If there was a historical event behind […]

Is it wrong to tell a lie?

It’s been a while since I did one of my secular morality Sunday posts. I want to get back into it — but for those of you who’ve started reading my blog since the last time I posted one of these, I’ll begin with a bit of an explanation. If you know anything about the […]

Religion: the world’s biggest white lie?

I have very little doubt in the soundness of the logic underlying my decision not to believe in any religion. I have spent a lot of time reading and listening to a variety of people making arguments for belief, and also a variety of atheist arguments to the contrary. The atheist arguments aren’t perfect — […]

Faith as a virtue

As an atheist, when I hear platitudes like “You gotta have faith,” I think, “No, you really don’t.” Not only is (religious) faith not necessary for a good life, I believe it’s detrimental. How could it be a virtue to go around believing things just because you want them to be true, when there’s no […]

Is secular morality totally subjective?

The always fabulous ZOMGitsCriss staged a dialogue between two hypothetical atheists–both played by her–about whether secular moral reasoning is by nature completely subjective, or whether there exist objective standards of right and wrong that we all should abide by. (The video’s about a year old, but I just found it recently.) While the moral relativist […]

How much should we give to charity?

Being charitable is, despite what some people may think, a commonly-held secular value. I could point you to large, successful groups like Kiva Atheists or Non-Believers Giving Aid as evidence. Or I could just present the logical argument that, when you are coming from the perspective that this one life is all that each of […]

Can gambling be ethical?

Gambling is one of those things you just kind of grow up understanding is wrong. Maybe it comes from the degree to which Judeo-Christian ideas have been absorbed into our culture, but we use terms like “Sin City” to describe places where gambling occurs on a large scale, even though it turns out that the […]