An atheist resurrection

Hi there, friends.

It’s been a very long time since I posted here. So long that I would be shocked if any of my old readers still check the site — though I know a couple of you will probably see this through Twitter, and maybe some others haven’t deleted the RSS feed from their readers. Most of my traffic in the last months/years(?) has been from search engines. But all that old content is gone from the site now.

What happened? Well, in all those many months of neglect, I failed to keep my WordPress installation up to date. And the thing about security fixes is, they’re essentially lists of vulnerabilities in the older versions of the software. Yes, I got hacked. Got notifications about malware from my hosting company. So I figured, rather than spend ages (or pay someone else to spend ages) rooting it all out, I’d just delete the whole thing and start fresh. I’m excited to be back!

In case you’re wondering: I did back up the text of my old posts. My plan is to repost the ones that are still interesting and relevant — the ones that aren’t about the minutiae of current events from half a decade ago — and also to get back to writing new content as I’m able. I’m feeling optimistic right now about my ability to carve out enough me-time for writing a post per week, but even if that’s hilariously naive, the reposts should be able to provide a sufficiently steady stream of probably-new-to-you content to get us through the times when I’m too busy with Real Life™.

With that:
In memoriam: NFQ 1.0, March 2010 – September 2015
Here begins NFQ 2.0, March 2017 – ?

If you’re reading this, I’d love it if you’d say hello! How’ve you been? It’s great to see you! (Figuratively speaking.)