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Awkwardly hypocritical Christian “love”

Sometimes, atheist comments on religious blogs get deleted. I understand that. Sometimes atheist comments on atheist blogs get deleted. Comments sometimes get deleted, period. It’s a webmaster’s prerogative to shape their site into whatever sort of community they want. I try to keep my comments topical and civil in order to contribute to a conversation […]

In love with God?

I honestly can’t tell if this song is supposed to have a religious meaning or a romantic one. (Fans of Christian music, please hear me when I say, we’re not kidding when we say a lot of it sounds like people who want to make out with God. Major ick, though I guess not inconsistent […]

Awkward social justice

While idly perusing the job listings in the back of my April issue of Physics Today, I noticed an advertisement for a position at Berea College, in Berea, KY. (No, I’d never heard of it before, either.) At the end of the listing, where many other ads mentioned being Equal Opportunity Employers and the like, […]

Bible dealbreakers: God’s wrath

I’m doing a series on what I’d like to call “Bible dealbreakers,” reasons why I reject the Bible’s authority and therefore reject Christianity. This is the sixth part in the series, and I’ll post a wrap-up tomorrow. According to (most mainstream) Christians, God is loving, merciful, and benevolent. Some go so far as to say […]

Christian generosity

Piggybacking on yesterday’s post topic (again): I heard an amazing (-ly awful) sermon on the radio the other day, by California megachurch pastor and radio/TV ministry leader David Jeremiah. It’s about generosity. Specifically, it’s about how generosity, sincerity, humility, sympathy, and hospitality are essential to being a good Christian. In fact, those five subpoints fall […]

Hell, or a loving God?

An alert reader emailed me a link to a recording of pastor and theologian R.C. Sproul explaining some of his thoughts on hell and the nature of God’s judgment. She told me that a Christian friend of hers, who is studying to be a minister, sent her this link as a response to her contention […]

Torn on Prop 8 decision

Please don’t get me wrong. I was thrilled to hear that Judge Vaughn Walker struck down California’s Proposition 8 as unconstitutional. I join many other atheists in rejoicing that religious bigotry was declared unjust, and even though this decision is not the final word, in being hopeful that the same-sex marriage issue will reach the […]

And what a welcome it is!

Via Atheist Oasis, here’s a really powerful video by The Thinking Atheist called “Welcome To This World” — explaining Christianity’s message to newborn babies. It pretty much sums up everything that might typically rush through my head when I hear a Christian say that “God is love,” and I still found it very moving.   […]

Religion is other people

The existentialist Jean-Paul Sarte wrote in his play No Exit, “Hell is other people.” As an introvert myself, I can understand the sentiment, but I think it could use some caveats. Perhaps: “Hell is religious people”? Metaphorically, of course. Compare these two postcards up at PostSecret this week. This Christian girl wheedled her previously-non-Christian boyfriend […]

Driscoll on pornography

Mark Driscoll, megachurch evangelist extraordinaire, has written a book (well, a booklet) called Porn Again Christian. Yes, that is the real title. And the whole thing is free online, unlike many of the other Re:Lit books for which there is only a single chapter in PDF form. (Maybe I’ll get around to addressing some of […]