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What did Mary know?

One of the first times I can remember consciously and directly questioning the Jesus story was sometime around middle school. I was thinking about how Mary is said to be a virgin, but conceives a son anyway, and the explanation put forward for this is that God in the form of the Holy Spirit is […]

Do we know the Bible is true?

Readers, I try to be a good sport. A while ago I asked cartoonist Wes Molebash about his Christian faith, and he sent me to an essay by apologist Gregory Koukl for a better answer than he felt he could provide himself. So I read that essay and responded in great detail as to why […]

Building your own theology

I’m writing a bunch of posts on Unitarian Universalism. You can always find old ones using the unitarianism tag. As I’ve said before, one of the aspects of Unitarian Universalism that I have a whole lot of respect for is the emphasis on figuring out one’s religious beliefs for oneself. There is no authority structure […]

Growing up UU

I’m going to be doing a series of posts here about my experiences growing up in a Unitarian Universalist congregation as well as my thoughts (based on those experiences) regarding liberal religion and how it relates to atheism and atheists. This is the first post in that series, in which I intend to explain basically […]

Science and the unknown

Via The Bible is Useless, here is a comment from Darren Schreiber and an insightful reply from Ann Druyan, on the topic of how we respond to the unknown.

On competing religious ideas

I am continually surprised by the way that religious people wrap their heads around the existence of other religions. It seems to me like you would have, or at least want to have, a good reason to be the religion that you are, instead of the religions you see plenty of other people being — […]

Learning about alternatives

You can learn a lot about a belief system by examining how its adherents react to alternative beliefs. I got started thinking about this back when I first read that story about the Vatican’s planned program to invite atheists and agnostics to debate Catholicism “with some of the Catholic Church’s top theologians.” I was initially […]

Seeking out disagreement

I recently missed a Jehovah’s Witness coming to my door. It’s not the first time, and each time leaves me more disappointed than the last. They never catch me at home. I would really love to talk to them. I think I could have a really fascinating conversation with someone so certain in their religious […]

More on Adam and Eve: Did God lie?

One of the earliest posts I did on this site was about the story of Adam and Eve. I argued that if eating the forbidden fruit was really what gave Adam and Eve the ability to distinguish right from wrong, it was unjust for God to punish them for actions taken before they had such […]

Should we trust science?

Today, I’d like to address a second issue from Canterrain’s post at LifeQuill. They write: Let me pose this question.  Right now Science has yet to find an answer for an impossible number of things.  Should I therefore no longer treat Science as a valid point of view, or something to be trusted because it […]