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Before discussing a matter, study it well

In my post Sunrise, sunset, which I wrote back in March 2011, I discussed Jewish law pertaining to the definition of a day in the polar regions. My main point was that it’s strange indeed to imagine that an omniscient deity who created the entire universe would not have laid down clear laws which would […]

Religion: the world’s biggest white lie?

I have very little doubt in the soundness of the logic underlying my decision not to believe in any religion. I have spent a lot of time reading and listening to a variety of people making arguments for belief, and also a variety of atheist arguments to the contrary. The atheist arguments aren’t perfect — […]

Some telling Jewish humor

This is actually an email forward that I got from that relative who always sends me email forwards. (Almost everyone has at least one of those, don’t they?) Usually the messages are long lists of puns I’ve heard before, or else they’re nutty conspiracy theories/urban legends I have to answer with a link or two […]

I’m no criminal, I’m not your enemy

If you haven’t heard this great summer single by O.A.R, you’re missing out. I was lucky enough to catch it on one of my recent car radio surfing extravaganzas (apparently it was released in June but it was new to me), and I actually thought that I had scanned to one of my many local […]

Friday Link Roundup #40

Oxford researchers investigate likely innate human tendencies to believe in gods and the supernatural. Prompted by Israeli President Shimon Peres’ suggestion for an 11th commandment (bumping up the next 603, I suppose), Alex Tabbarok asked his readers for their suggestions. How could it be this easy to improve on the work of a perfect god? […]

Refuting the Abrahamic faiths

Sometimes, I feel sort of guilty for spending as much time on Christianity as I do. I knew that this would happen when I started the blog, because I live in the US and Christianity is the primary form in which I encounter religious belief, and the primary form in which religious zealotry threatens my […]

Jewish missionaries at work

An alert reader sent me this New York Times video about Chabad Lubavitch Jews taking their message to the streets. Most Jews are really not involved in evangelism of any kind, and that gives this piece a sort of Bizarro World feel. But according to Wikipedia, “Mitzvah tanks are put into operation on the eve […]

The wicked child at Passover

Jews have an interesting relationship with the idea of logical argumentation. I have always been somewhat impressed with the Jewish attitude towards arguing with God, as exemplified in the story of Abraham’s convincing God to spare the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah if there are even ten innocent and righteous people living there. (True, God […]

Sunrise, sunset

The Best of Wikipedia blog recently featured this fascinating article on Jewish law in the polar regions. Essentially, the issue is that the particular rules for many mitzvot depend on the rising and setting of the sun. As you go to extreme latitudes, that sort of definition of a day breaks down. Inside the Arctic […]

Bible dealbreakers: The covenant

I’m doing a series this week on what I’d like to call “Bible dealbreakers,” reasons why I reject the Bible’s authority and therefore reject Christianity. Some will apply to Judaism as well, but Christianity is my focus here. I expect to get about five separate posts out of this, but we’ll see. In the Old […]