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Does this give you hope?

This is a post I wrote back on January 22, 2010, for another blog I used to write at (which no longer exists). Some of the references are a bit dated, but the ideas are as true as ever, and I thought the content would likely be interesting to NFQ readers. Apologies for the “recycled […]

Religion: the world’s biggest white lie?

I have very little doubt in the soundness of the logic underlying my decision not to believe in any religion. I have spent a lot of time reading and listening to a variety of people making arguments for belief, and also a variety of atheist arguments to the contrary. The atheist arguments aren’t perfect — […]

Refuting the Abrahamic faiths

Sometimes, I feel sort of guilty for spending as much time on Christianity as I do. I knew that this would happen when I started the blog, because I live in the US and Christianity is the primary form in which I encounter religious belief, and the primary form in which religious zealotry threatens my […]

Friday Link Roundup #32

Ray Comfort will be on The Atheist Experience this Sunday. I’ll definitely be watching. Maybe peeking through my fingers, but I’ll be watching. Chuck Colson tells his army of disciples, “This is the time for us to metastasize and impact society!” Like a malignant tumor? (Via.) Lesley Hazleton, working on a biography of Muhammad, gave […]

Friday Link Roundup #31

I still have a few more posts about Bible dealbreakers in the hopper. In the meantime, here are the things I might have blogged about this week but didn’t, thanks to that series. Is Jesus the answer to all of our questions? Roger Ebert blames Middle East cultural norms (read: Islam) for the sexual assault […]

(Belated) Friday Link Roundup #28

Ebonmuse has a very insightful post on privilege, religious and otherwise. The US army is digging itself even deeper into the hole it already fell into with that whole “spiritual fitness” test controversy. Matthew Yglesias (who’s also an atheist, yay!) posted some thoughts about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islam, and the future government of Egypt. No […]

Why I don’t write about Islam

It’s a natural consequence of my living in the United States that I write about Christianity more often than any other religion. The majority of religious people I encounter are Christian — and a significant portion of them are trying to push their religion on others using guilt, sheer volume, or even the government — […]

A vicious cycle of modesty

In Saudi Arabia, where the Qur’an is the “constitution” of the country and the government operates according to Sharia, it’s hard to be a woman. Women are forbidden to drive, must get written permission from a male “guardian” before they travel and in some regions before they work, and must always wear the abaya when […]

Part of the problem

I noticed this gem at (The Customer Is) Not Always Right, one of many — but one of my favorite — so-awful-it’s-funny anecdote collection websites. From a grocery store in Orlando, Florida: Me: “I hope you’ve found everything to your liking!” Customer: “Oh, thank you, I have! It’s so nice to meet a polite Christian […]

Friday Link Roundup #19

Fort Worth, TX City Councilman Joel Burns offers a truly touching contribution to the It Gets Better Project — taped during a City Council meeting. Female singers competing on the show Afghan Star must fear for their lives because many Afghans believe their singing is forbidden by Islam and punishable by death. At least there […]