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Look how far we’ve come

This is a set of three posts I wrote back in September and October of 2008, for another blog I used to write at (which no longer exists). As 2013 draws to a close, I thought it would be neat to look back on where (in my view, at least) the atheist movement stood five […]

Rooting for the team

This is a slightly modified version of a post I wrote back on November 1, 2009, for another blog I used to write at (which no longer exists). Some of the references are a bit dated, but the ideas are as true as ever, and I thought the content would likely be interesting to NFQ […]

I can’t keep up

Just a general note about some of the latest chaos in the atheist blogosphere: I’m subscribed to a lot of atheist blogs, and I do read all of them. I haven’t been able to write much during the semester as I was adjusting to a new job and it turned out to take way more […]

Coexisting phases of atheism

As I’ve said before, I’ve been an atheist ever since I had the abstract thinking skills to form a coherent opinion about it. However, the way my atheism manifests itself has gone through several distinct stages throughout my life — already! (I’m only in my twenties.) As a child, and pretty much up through high […]

Atheism, plus some other stuff

I support Atheism+. I’m not going to wade too deep into the circumstances surrounding its inception in this post; I just want to explain what I believe this “new wave” of atheism is about, why I am for it, and why I think the outrage against it really needs to stop. Others have done excellent […]

Prelude to an Atheism+ post

I’m still trying to write my little position statement on Atheism+. As a teaser, here is an editorial-style cartoon by M.J. Shepard, via Friendly Atheist, that I thought was really spot-on. Hopefully I’ll get my act together on this soon and it’ll go up early next week.

An interview with yours truly

Guys, guys, guys! Christian pastor and blogger Matt Appling has posted his interview with me over at his site, The Church of No People. If a blog name like that isn’t enough to get you to check it out, please also consider: It’s mostly about my take on being an atheist in a predominantly Christian […]

I’m “hung up on” what’s true

This unfortunate opinion piece was published in today’s New York Times, and given that it made me feel so sad and so nauseated at the same time, I figured it deserved a blogged response. Author Eric Weiner asks, “Americans: Undecided About God?” It would have been more accurate to say, “Eric Weiner: Reluctant to admit […]

That’s no Jesus fish…

I saw this emblem on the back of a car I was driving behind the other day. I admit I inched up perhaps dangerously close trying to see what exactly it was. It looked at first like a super fancy, swishy sort of Jesus fish, and then I realized: it was a shark! What does […]

Well, here’s a great development

Sigh: According to the Vancouver Sun, University of British Columbia researchers conducted a total of six experiments on 350 Americans and 420 UBC students, of varying religions (67% of the Americans were Christian). In one experiment, they presented participants with the story of an “archetypal freerider” who cheats and steals a lot, and asked what […]