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When someone’s beliefs sound crazy

Some lighter fare today. I couldn’t resist blogging a comic titled “How to React When Someone’s Beliefs Sound Crazy to You,” especially when it opens with the line, “Some people honestly believe things that completely defy all logic and reason.” I don’t want to spoil any bit of it by posting even a panel of […]

Genesis 22 illustrated

Least I Could Do (an often-NSFW comic, be careful if you decide to read the archives) shows us why the story of Abraham and Isaac isn’t exactly inspiring: Click on the picture to see the other half of the strip. And don’t miss part 2 and part 3. If there was a historical event behind […]

St. T-Rex’s Ontological Argument

Continuing what is apparently Webcomics Week here at No Forbidden Questions, here’s a panel from Dinosaur Comics that I’ve been meaning to highlight and talk about. You can click the image to see the whole strip (it’s amusing), but it’s not really important as far as the discussion I want to have right now is […]

Just look at a daffodil!

This conversation from the webcomic Rob and Elliot will probably feel frustratingly familiar to many of you… but I bet you’ve never seen it wrap up the way it does here! (Click the picture below to see the last two panels.) If you want more atheist humor, you should check out (Rob and Elliot writer) […]

Need some help with that analysis?

1.00 FTE is a single-panel webcomic about corporate life. While I don’t work in a cubicle myself, I still identify with a lot of the humor. I particularly liked last Wednesday’s comic, and I suspect that you out there in atheist-blog-readerland might get a chuckle out of it too: “People can’t be ruled by both […]

Friday Link Roundup #36

Shorter Soul Surfer: “Thanks, God and/or Jesus, for making a shark eat my arm off! Now I really understand the depth of your love and inspiration.” Gregory Paul and Phil Zuckerman ask, Why do Americans still dislike atheists? Many thought-provoking statistics follow. Check out the first Q&A in this week’s Dear Prudence column! There are […]

(Belated) Friday Link Roundup #28

Ebonmuse has a very insightful post on privilege, religious and otherwise. The US army is digging itself even deeper into the hole it already fell into with that whole “spiritual fitness” test controversy. Matthew Yglesias (who’s also an atheist, yay!) posted some thoughts about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islam, and the future government of Egypt. No […]

How far have you strayed?

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time searching the internet lately for things that may not even exist, and the process brought to mind this clip from The West Wing which some kind person has conveniently uploaded to YouTube. Those of you who spend any meaningful amount of energy arguing on the internet will especially […]

Friday Link Roundup #24

Speaking of what words really mean and how they should be used, here’s a fun comic about eggcorns. Hearing for the zillionth time about someone with “undying faith in God” and no interest in evidence or reason despite suffering through tragedy after tragedy does not give me hope. Lately I’ve been amusing myself with Christian […]

Friday Link Roundup #21

File this under “makes me happy and sad at the same time” — the Air Force Academy now has a blossoming “spirituality community” for Pagans and Wiccans. When you’re writing a card to congratulate someone on their wedding, it’s probably it’s a good idea to leave out any clauses that start with “Though we were […]