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The greatest birthday celebration

I miss blogging like nobody’s business. I might actually be able to make a comeback this week, if I manage to get my act together in other areas of life. Here’s hoping! In the meantime, here’s a video that made me tear up a bit, in a good way. As an atheist, I want to […]

FBB’s updated policies

Whoops! I was clicking around the FBB website not long after publishing my last post, and I happened to notice these changes to the Frequently Asked Questions page which I somehow missed. I think this question was there before, but the answer has clearly been updated with their new beneficiary selection plan: Q: What are […]

Changes at the Foundation Beyond Belief

I haven’t seen it announced at the Foundation Beyond Belief’s website yet, but FBB board member Hemant Mehta recently wrote about a change to the foundation’s beneficiary categories. Beginning in January, they’re making a new category for religious beneficiaries only, while guaranteeing that the other nine will always be entirely secular. (I think that the […]

Update: FBB drops Soulforce

Dale McGowan, executive director of the Foundation Beyond Belief, has announced that the foundation is withdrawing its sponsorship of Soulforce, calling its selection “a serious mistake.” The announcement was posted on the FBB website as well as on the Friendly Atheist blog. Go ahead to one of those links and read it before you continue; […]

FBB doesn’t get it

This is a very long post. I don’t like to get involved in unnecessary atheist infighting, but I feel that this issue is important to atheist activism, and I want to do all the arguments justice by being completely clear about why I take the stance I do. I’ve been working on this for a […]

Growing up UU

I’m going to be doing a series of posts here about my experiences growing up in a Unitarian Universalist congregation as well as my thoughts (based on those experiences) regarding liberal religion and how it relates to atheism and atheists. This is the first post in that series, in which I intend to explain basically […]

Don’t call me a freethinker

I don’t have internet access this week — this post was scheduled in advance. See you in August! Atheists have developed a lot of replacement terms, mostly in order to find something more palatable than “atheist.” “Atheist” sounds so confrontational, so negative, so cold and unfeeling. Well, I don’t think it sounds that way, but […]

Atheist charity, redux

Not so long ago, I wrote here about the Foundation Beyond Belief’s selection of Quaker Peace and Social Witness for their third quarter, and why I think that was a bad idea. Yesterday, Dale McGowan, FBB Executive Director, wrote what sounded like a summary and wrap-up of this whole controversy, and Hemant Mehta, FBB Board […]

The Humanist Symposium is up!

Go check out the 57th edition of the Humanist Symposium, over at Unequally Yoked! There are plenty of great entries this time around, more than enough to fill a lazy Sunday afternoon with intellectual stimulation. (Oh, you’ve got stuff to do today? Then read it on Monday, or whenever you’re free. 🙂 ) By the […]

Religion is other people

The existentialist Jean-Paul Sarte wrote in his play No Exit, “Hell is other people.” As an introvert myself, I can understand the sentiment, but I think it could use some caveats. Perhaps: “Hell is religious people”? Metaphorically, of course. Compare these two postcards up at PostSecret this week. This Christian girl wheedled her previously-non-Christian boyfriend […]