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Did Jesus really exist?

There’s a lot of scholarly work out there attempting to settle the question of whether or not the Jesus of the Christian Bible really existed. I’m not going to pretend to summarize or even really discuss that work here. I just want to highlight something I think is often missing from debates between Christians and […]

Why are there still Catholics?

I’ve been thinking about the Catholic Church quite a lot recently. There was FFRF’s full-page NYT ad last month, vjack’s post two weeks ago about people’s reasons for leaving Catholicism, and Adam Lee’s post last week about the papacy’s apparent embrace of its slow slide into irrelevance. On top of all that reading, though, there’s […]

Proof of Jesus’ resurrection?

I’m always prattling on about how, if presented with actual evidence and logical arguments, I would change my mind and convert to whatever religious belief system provided that compelling evidence. That’s why I feel like I ought to examine carefully the supposed compelling evidence put forward by theists, at least from time to time. Yesterday, […]

Simply because it was written in a book

The Google Doodle today (replacing the usual Google logo) commemorates Nicolas Steno, one of the 17th century founders of modern geology and specifically stratigraphy. As it happens, Steno was also a Catholic bishop who was actually beatified — yes, he’s on the path to sainthood — by Pope John Paul II in 1988. Now, plenty […]

Review: Jesus Under Fire

At last. The book I originally went to the library to find (because I sure as anything wasn’t going to pay real money for it): Jesus Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents the Historical Jesus, edited by Michael J. Wilkins and J.P. Moreland. A Christian friend of mine kept citing it in our conversations about the […]

Case study: Peoples Temple

I certainly don’t know from personal experience, but I’m under the impression that most religious people consider their religion to be unique. Yes, there are some people who believe there are “many ways to truth,” but I don’t think I’m going out on too shaky a limb to claim that the majority of religious believers […]

Friday* Link Roundup #34

I generally use this feature for links to things I didn’t have time to blog about this week but which I do think my readers will find interesting. This week I even missed posting it on Friday … whoops. But I guess that makes it a little more convincing that I didn’t have time to […]

Bible dealbreakers: Bad history

I’m doing a series this week on what I’d like to call “Bible dealbreakers,” reasons why I reject the Bible’s authority and therefore reject Christianity. This is part two of five six. If the Bible contained accurate history, that in itself wouldn’t be sufficient evidence for me to consider it likely to be true overall. […]

Friday Link Roundup #29

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have written a musical, The Book of Mormon, debuting on Broadway next month. (Coincidentally, I just caught this old South Park episode on TV the other day.) Was Frederick Douglass a secular humanist? (Via.) Speaking of which — and this is off-topic except for the previous bullet […]

Friday Link Roundup #27

If you’re not already reading Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, you should start! I’m not even a Harry Potter fan, and I love it. If anything, it makes me like J.K. Rowling’s books a little less, because it highlights just how awesome they had the potential to be. (Some background understanding of the […]