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Family-friendly programming

I hear the term “family-friendly” used fairly often, especially on the radio, as a code word for “religious.” Christian radio station IDs include sound bites of happy moms explaining that they can leave this station on with their children in the car and “not have to worry” about what they might end up hearing. There’s […]

Frustrated by irrationality

I’m trying to get back to blogging. I really love it — I love writing, I love getting feedback from my readers, I love participating in what I feel are important discussions for humanity to be having — but sometimes it frustrates me to no end. Lately, I’ve been sitting down to write a post […]

It’s just how you were raised

I’m always surprised at how easy it is to steer a conversation with a religious person to a point where they’ll openly tell you, “Yeah, to some extent the reason why I’m [whatever religion] is that that’s just how I was brought up.” My go-to question when discussing beliefs with a religious person is, “Why […]

Friday Link Roundup #39

Reality is not a democracy, as vjack points out. I’m having flashbacks to a weird old online discussion about the “consensus theory of truth” … (shudder). This Mitchell & Webb sketch is very, very funny. All right, now that you’ve had some good times, here’s a scary and sad video. Apparently an Nazi family agreed […]

All of a sudden, there is no god?

This video, which I recently stumbled upon at, did I guess make me chuckle … but only because it’s so uncomfortable and sad that it’s hard to react in any way other than nervous laughter. NSFW warning: some pretty loud cursing follows. I’m so glad I never had to have a confrontation like this […]

Friday Link Roundup #35

If you’re looking for a better lesson in how to be an evangelist than the ACT training courses could provide, maybe you should check out Ebonmuse’s recent essay, The Apologist’s Handbook. It’s very educational. Stanley Fish praises Kagan’s dissent in Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn. This is really creepy. I’m not sure what […]

Let the little children come to me

Christians sure do love themselves some childhood indoctrination. This was never more apparent to me than while working through the ACT training course called “Seedlings,” all about how to share the gospel with children. In my opinion, children should be taught to think for themselves — they should be allowed to consider all sorts of […]

Some thoughts on baptism

It may surprise you to learn that I was baptized when I was a baby. My family attended a Protestant church before we became a part of a UU congregation, so when I was born, baptism was the thing to do. I don’t remember it (obviously), and it wasn’t a big thing in my immediate […]

The trauma of religion

A recent Dear Prudence advice column at Slate takes its title from the first question, written by a Sunday school teacher who feels no sympathy for victims of natural disasters — an interesting topic for atheist discussion in its own right. However, right now I’d rather talk about this letter which came a bit later. […]

Religious beliefs and moral stagnation

You often hear people insisting that religion is a real force for good in the world. This is of course not a good reason to believe religion’s factual claims, but I also think that the assertion isn’t true in the first place (overall). Earlier this week we got another vivid example of what I’m talking […]