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Faith healers holding out on us?

In the comments of a recent post on evidence-based versus faith-based claims, Luke Holzmann (who writes at the Sonlight Blog) had some interesting things to say about miracles, pointing out that “Your assumptions make a huge difference in [how you interpret] those instances.” When I responded with an example about people getting better from colds […]

Faith as a virtue

As an atheist, when I hear platitudes like “You gotta have faith,” I think, “No, you really don’t.” Not only is (religious) faith not necessary for a good life, I believe it’s detrimental. How could it be a virtue to go around believing things just because you want them to be true, when there’s no […]

An easy way to prove God is real!

Why is it that some Christians pretend that overwhelming physical evidence of their god’s existence is impossible? The Gospels themselves lay out instructions on how to demonstrate to the world that God is behind that faith that you have. As Netwriter shows so clearly in this video, there are no ifs, ands, or buts, no […]

Friday Link Roundup #37

Neuroscience suggests that extreme brand loyalty and religious devotion have a lot in common. (Via Slashdot.) You probably already read xkcd, but just in case, don’t miss this great comic about experimentalist monotheism. (And don’t forget the hover text!) Vjack is right: most Christians don’t believe the Rapture is going to happen tomorrow, but as […]

On persons of faith

A few friends and I were discussing some recent ridiculous behavior of the Christian Right — opposing same-sex marriage, or advocating for creationism in science curricula, or something else, who knows — and one friend piped up to defend Christianity in general. “Well, as a person of faith,” they said, “I certainly recognize that [ridiculous […]

The power of asking questions

Check out this fantastic video put together by The Thinking Atheist, in which Yamilee and Austin describe their separate and intertwined journeys from theism to atheism. I really can’t add anything to their words; they say it all so well. (Via John Loftus.)  

If I believed

Sometimes, especially after conversations with religious people, I wonder what it would be like to believe that there was an all-powerful, perfect being that commanded my worship and obedience. To believe that there were texts, or prophets, or some way to achieve personal confirmation describing exactly what that being’s rules for my life were. If […]

Our go-to good guys

When you’re trying to describe something bad or wrong, you might look to a comparison with one of the iconic “bad guys” from history, totalitarian dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, or Mao. The commonness of this conversational trope is what brought us Godwin’s Law. Similarly, if you want to illustrate the goodness of something or […]

Coexistence is important

Box Brown has a really well-done new comic up at Everything Dies about “Coexist” bumper stickers. They still give me a sort of icky feeling, because “let’s all get along” seems in many people’s minds to preclude the option to tell others they might be incorrect, but reading through this reminded me why I used […]

Friday Link Roundup #24

Speaking of what words really mean and how they should be used, here’s a fun comic about eggcorns. Hearing for the zillionth time about someone with “undying faith in God” and no interest in evidence or reason despite suffering through tragedy after tragedy does not give me hope. Lately I’ve been amusing myself with Christian […]