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Why care about accuracy in scripture?

There are many points of disconnect between how atheists talk about religion and how religious people think about their own beliefs. I’ve written about various ones several times before (just a few old posts, but there are plenty others). However, while I’ve discussed contradictions and errors in scripture as reasons why I don’t believe — […]

Rooting for the team

This is a slightly modified version of a post I wrote back on November 1, 2009, for another blog I used to write at (which no longer exists). Some of the references are a bit dated, but the ideas are as true as ever, and I thought the content would likely be interesting to NFQ […]

Case study: Kim Jong-Il

The North Korean dictatorship has a decades-long tradition of supernatural legends surrounding its leaders. Here are a few notable “facts” (according to the personality cult/government propaganda machine) about the previous ruler, Kim Jong-il. Note that all these things were recorded during Kim Jong-il’s life or immediately after his death, by people who had met him […]

I’m easy to convert, actually

As I picked up litter gospel tracts scattered in a shopping mall parking lot the other day, I got to thinking about what a Christian — or, any other variety of theist — might be able to say in order to convert me. So many of them (including the writer of these tracts) take the […]

Did Jesus really exist?

There’s a lot of scholarly work out there attempting to settle the question of whether or not the Jesus of the Christian Bible really existed. I’m not going to pretend to summarize or even really discuss that work here. I just want to highlight something I think is often missing from debates between Christians and […]

If God, then what?

I saw this review of an apologetics book that was published earlier this year, and while I’m totally unenthusiastic about the book itself, its title — also the title of this post — got me thinking about a question I often struggle to convey to theists. I don’t think this is a guaranteed “gotcha” type […]

What’s in the gaps?

The Apologetics 315 blog quoted William Dembski of the Discovery Institute not too long ago, making what I’m sure he and they thought was a clever argument: “Scientists rightly resist invoking the supernatural in scientific explanations for fear of committing a god-of-the-gaps fallacy (the fallacy of using God as a stop-gap for ignorance). Yet without […]

Yeah, about that “healing”…

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. I caught this cute little posting on my Facebook news feed a Sunday or two ago: This is only one of a few that my friend posted while recovering from a cold, but in all of them she talked […]

Precise answers to the wrong questions

I’ve been doing Serious Research lately and haven’t had much energy for blogging. I’m actually starting to remember that blogging gives me more energy (like exercising) if I can get myself to kick off the virtuous cycle when I don’t feel like it — so perhaps I’ll be posting more actively in the near future. […]

What are gross-out tactics for?

When I got home yesterday, I found this palm-sized tract wedged against my doorjamb. It’s grotesque. This image to the right is the cover — you can click on the picture to read the text for yourself online. It doesn’t say anything particularly new or insightful, just the usual statements of Christian doctrine and Bible […]