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Enough is enough

Timothy Egan’s NYT Opinionator column about Jon Huntsman had a refreshingly snarky beginning: Politicians are trained from the time they mouth their first public lie to be reflexively certain about everything. So it was startling and certainly encouraging to hear Jon Huntsman sound less than convinced the other day about the God of his Mormon […]

Peace on Earth

… and good will toward men?

On persons of faith

A few friends and I were discussing some recent ridiculous behavior of the Christian Right — opposing same-sex marriage, or advocating for creationism in science curricula, or something else, who knows — and one friend piped up to defend Christianity in general. “Well, as a person of faith,” they said, “I certainly recognize that [ridiculous […]

Breathtaking bigotry

Here is a pretty good example of the frustrating, disheartening stuff I was talking about yesterday. From STFU, Believers: I’m not entirely sure what the context is, but if it’s something recent my guess would be that it has something to do with the National Day of Prayer. It’s an amazingly unconstitutional “holiday,” although that’s […]

(Belated) Friday Link Roundup #28

Ebonmuse has a very insightful post on privilege, religious and otherwise. The US army is digging itself even deeper into the hole it already fell into with that whole “spiritual fitness” test controversy. Matthew Yglesias (who’s also an atheist, yay!) posted some thoughts about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islam, and the future government of Egypt. No […]

Why I don’t write about Islam

It’s a natural consequence of my living in the United States that I write about Christianity more often than any other religion. The majority of religious people I encounter are Christian — and a significant portion of them are trying to push their religion on others using guilt, sheer volume, or even the government — […]

Did Christianity make MLK?

Real life has been tremendously overwhelming lately, but I haven’t forgotten about the blog or about all of you! Actually, I’ve come up with a bunch of ideas for posts that I’m really excited to write, but I’ve been so swamped with other more pressing responsibilities that I haven’t had the time to sit down […]

Religious beliefs and moral stagnation

You often hear people insisting that religion is a real force for good in the world. This is of course not a good reason to believe religion’s factual claims, but I also think that the assertion isn’t true in the first place (overall). Earlier this week we got another vivid example of what I’m talking […]

Gaskell v. University of Kentucky

Well, that blog vacation lasted longer than I expected it would. How’s it going? I’ve missed you all! Thanks to my week of scheduled posts and my mostly-absence from blogging, I missed this NYT story from December 18 about the legal controversy from a 2007 hiring decision the University of Kentucky made in their search […]

Everything old is new again

Via Matthew Yglesias, via Hendrik Hertzberg at The New Yorker, here’s a stunning anti-Lincoln editorial cartoon from 1862. Note the planks in Lincoln’s “Chicago platform”-turned-sacrificial altar: Puritanism, Atheism, Rationalism, Socialism, Free Love, Spirit Rapping, and Negro Worship (along with one more I can’t make out). I don’t know how Lincoln’s opponents came to accuse him […]