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Did Jesus really exist?

There’s a lot of scholarly work out there attempting to settle the question of whether or not the Jesus of the Christian Bible really existed. I’m not going to pretend to summarize or even really discuss that work here. I just want to highlight something I think is often missing from debates between Christians and […]

When someone’s beliefs sound crazy

Some lighter fare today. I couldn’t resist blogging a comic titled “How to React When Someone’s Beliefs Sound Crazy to You,” especially when it opens with the line, “Some people honestly believe things that completely defy all logic and reason.” I don’t want to spoil any bit of it by posting even a panel of […]

Awkwardly hypocritical Christian “love”

Sometimes, atheist comments on religious blogs get deleted. I understand that. Sometimes atheist comments on atheist blogs get deleted. Comments sometimes get deleted, period. It’s a webmaster’s prerogative to shape their site into whatever sort of community they want. I try to keep my comments topical and civil in order to contribute to a conversation […]

Undermining rational thought

I stumbled upon this hilarious website called The emblem of the site is a circle containing the URL and the words “Absolute Apologetics,” as well as a tic-tac-toe board with X’s in all nine spaces — I guess to drive home the degree to which they feel they’ve won. The site leads you through […]

Debating theology obscures the point

I’m long overdue to call attention to this excellent and delightfully snarky observation, via commenter Russ on John Loftus’s Debunking Christianity blog (now moved back here): I have an idea! Since gods aren’t real let’s debate how the Christian gods are “universally reliable.” Shall we? After all, when a notion isn’t real, how does a […]

Free will is a non-response

When atheists bring up the age-old problem of evil (i.e., that the abundance of suffering in the world is proof that there is no god that is both omnipotent and benevolent), many theists — Christians, in my experience — reply that suffering is a necessary consequence of God giving humans free will. Free will, they […]

More Christian semantic games

I’m subscribed to the “Question of the Week” newsletter — because I love you, my readers, because I love you — and I’ve been meaning to write about an answer they sent out, actually cross-posted from their new spin-off site (My admittedly shallow understanding of the distinction is that Got Questions is more […]

This is what you sound like

I recently came across this great (and apparently undiscovered) series of YouTube videos made by user DopefishLives42. He takes a page from Stewie Griffin (“That’s you. That’s what you sound like.”) and refutes stupid arguments by analogy. Here’s one that addresses claims that “atheism is bleak and hopeless.” The sound is sort of low, so […]

Please, try to convert me!

This is in response to something that a friend of mine said to me in an interesting conversation we were having about religion last week, and something which kind of Gil wrote yesterday in a comment on this blog. Both said something very close to: “I hope you don’t think I’m trying to convert you, […]

When does evidence matter?

Let’s get back to that long (but pretty civil) argument I was talking about the other day. I’ve already covered how the religious side of the debate maintained that whether or not their god exists is not an important consideration in their religious faith, while the atheist side wanted to see a god’s existence established […]