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I’ll wish you a Merry Christmas

Odds are you’ve seen this image floating around the ‘net. If you haven’t, it’s high time you give it a read. It seemed most appropriate to save it until today to post. I wrestle with the idea of participating in certain explicitly religious customs, because it’s important to me not to legitimize and encourage baseless […]

The surreality of the season

As a non-Christian who is ever more aware of that aspect of her identity, I’m finding the Christmas season an increasingly strange and surreal one. There are three major ways, I think: The “Christmas story” does not actually appear anywhere in the Bible. It’s a hodgepodge of bits of stories from each of the gospels, […]

An interview with yours truly

Guys, guys, guys! Christian pastor and blogger Matt Appling has posted his interview with me over at his site, The Church of No People. If a blog name like that isn’t enough to get you to check it out, please also consider: It’s mostly about my take on being an atheist in a predominantly Christian […]

Penny Arcade’s Tycho on his atheism

I loved Penny Arcade’s comic from December 24. I also loved that somebody quickly sent it to Hemant Mehta and that he posted a link to it on Friendly Atheist (in a post with a familiar title… 😉 ). The good news just keeps coming — Penny Arcade writer Jerry Holkins, a.k.a. Tycho Brahe, posted […]

Ho, ho, ho!

I wish you all a very merry Saturday, December 25. 🙂 (Thanks to Atheist Cartoons.)

The two Christmases

Arguably, there are two separate Christmases happening tomorrow — one secular (with gift exchanges, trees covered in lights, and family togetherness) and one religious (as in, Christ’s Mass). It seems to me that people’s Christmas customs fall all over the spectrum between these two, with some celebrating a very Jesus-centered Christmas, some celebrating a totally […]

My favorite Christmas songs

‘Tis the season for hearing Christmas music wherever you go. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. When I was little, I used to surprise my parents by singing Christmas carols in the middle of July, so I sympathize with the atheists who’ve been discussing their favorite Christmas songs lately. Having ripped on a silly Christmas […]

To Santa, or not to Santa?

The issue of whether to play along with the Santa Claus game comes up every year. For those of us who are atheists because we value rationality, those of us who count ourselves as part of the skeptical community, it’s an important question. Since the only thing that atheists are sure to have in common […]

The Christmas euphemism wars

Those poor, poor Christians. Only three out of every four people in this country are Christian, so it’s easy to imagine how lonely and ostracized they must feel! Especially around Christmastime, when Christmas decorations adorn every store and shopping plaza, Christmas carols play on the radio incessantly, the President lights an enormous National Christmas Tree, […]

What did Mary know?

One of the first times I can remember consciously and directly questioning the Jesus story was sometime around middle school. I was thinking about how Mary is said to be a virgin, but conceives a son anyway, and the explanation put forward for this is that God in the form of the Holy Spirit is […]