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On Christian charity

I’ve had some harsh words here in the past about how Christians actually behave with respect to their supposed values of charity and generosity. While I was writing this last secular morality post about charitable giving, though, I got to thinking about what the Bible actually says about helping those who are less fortunate. It’s […]

How much should we give to charity?

Being charitable is, despite what some people may think, a commonly-held secular value. I could point you to large, successful groups like Kiva Atheists or Non-Believers Giving Aid as evidence. Or I could just present the logical argument that, when you are coming from the perspective that this one life is all that each of […]

Christian generosity

Piggybacking on yesterday’s post topic (again): I heard an amazing (-ly awful) sermon on the radio the other day, by California megachurch pastor and radio/TV ministry leader David Jeremiah. It’s about generosity. Specifically, it’s about how generosity, sincerity, humility, sympathy, and hospitality are essential to being a good Christian. In fact, those five subpoints fall […]

Our go-to good guys

When you’re trying to describe something bad or wrong, you might look to a comparison with one of the iconic “bad guys” from history, totalitarian dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, or Mao. The commonness of this conversational trope is what brought us Godwin’s Law. Similarly, if you want to illustrate the goodness of something or […]

How to help the needy

Step 1: don’t give to the Salvation Army. They value their hateful, bigoted, and ignorant religious agenda more than they value actually helping people. Starting at the beginning of George W. Bush’s presidency in 2001, the Salvation Army began lobbying for an exemption to equal labor practices for government-funded faith-based organizations. Why? Because the Salvation […]

FBB’s updated policies

Whoops! I was clicking around the FBB website not long after publishing my last post, and I happened to notice these changes to the Frequently Asked Questions page which I somehow missed. I think this question was there before, but the answer has clearly been updated with their new beneficiary selection plan: Q: What are […]

Changes at the Foundation Beyond Belief

I haven’t seen it announced at the Foundation Beyond Belief’s website yet, but FBB board member Hemant Mehta recently wrote about a change to the foundation’s beneficiary categories. Beginning in January, they’re making a new category for religious beneficiaries only, while guaranteeing that the other nine will always be entirely secular. (I think that the […]

The one with two scarred hands

It’s time for another episode of “Christian Rock with NFQ.” This song is by the Newsboys, and it’s called “Born Again.”   I caught this song while flipping around on the car radio blindly (I was driving and focused on the road!) and I thought I was on one of the mix or alt-rock stations […]

Update: FBB drops Soulforce

Dale McGowan, executive director of the Foundation Beyond Belief, has announced that the foundation is withdrawing its sponsorship of Soulforce, calling its selection “a serious mistake.” The announcement was posted on the FBB website as well as on the Friendly Atheist blog. Go ahead to one of those links and read it before you continue; […]

FBB doesn’t get it

This is a very long post. I don’t like to get involved in unnecessary atheist infighting, but I feel that this issue is important to atheist activism, and I want to do all the arguments justice by being completely clear about why I take the stance I do. I’ve been working on this for a […]