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Believing what you want

The Pew Research Center recently released an interesting report about identity, beliefs, and culture among US Catholics. Roman Catholicism is striking in its combination of (1) a large amount of doctrine and dogma specifying proper behavior and beliefs, (2) a very centralized hierarchy responsible for maintaining that doctrine, and (3) a large number of believers […]

Why are there still Catholics?

I’ve been thinking about the Catholic Church quite a lot recently. There was FFRF’s full-page NYT ad last month, vjack’s post two weeks ago about people’s reasons for leaving Catholicism, and Adam Lee’s post last week about the papacy’s apparent embrace of its slow slide into irrelevance. On top of all that reading, though, there’s […]

Religion is above the law

The Supreme Court just issued a ruling inĀ  Hosanna-Tabor Lutheran Church and School v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It’s an interesting situation, and the decision touches on some issues I think are really important — though sadly, I think the decision is misguided. The specifics of the case are a bit confusing, in that there’s […]

Simply because it was written in a book

The Google Doodle today (replacing the usual Google logo) commemorates Nicolas Steno, one of the 17th century founders of modern geology and specifically stratigraphy. As it happens, Steno was also a Catholic bishop who was actually beatified — yes, he’s on the path to sainthood — by Pope John Paul II in 1988. Now, plenty […]

Friday Link Roundup #39

Reality is not a democracy, as vjack points out. I’m having flashbacks to a weird old online discussion about the “consensus theory of truth” … (shudder). This Mitchell & Webb sketch is very, very funny. All right, now that you’ve had some good times, here’s a scary and sad video. Apparently an Nazi family agreed […]

Friday Link Roundup #38

Archbishop Timothy Dolan explains that he wants the state of New York to base its laws on what he believes is God’s definition of marriage, in order to protect the “right” of Christians to prevent people they don’t like from exercising their rights. Meanwhile, at least whenever anyone thinks of the Catholic church, the first […]

Friday Link Roundup #31

I still have a few more posts about Bible dealbreakers in the hopper. In the meantime, here are the things I might have blogged about this week but didn’t, thanks to that series. Is Jesus the answer to all of our questions? Roger Ebert blames Middle East cultural norms (read: Islam) for the sexual assault […]

You know it’s a myth

Today, Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish quotes Rabbi Rami Shapiro on the American Atheists billboard near the Lincoln Tunnel in New York City. (The billboard reads, “You KNOW it’s a Myth. This Season, Celebrate REASON!”) In part, The characters found in myths represent aspects of our own psyches. The Virgin Birth is neither a […]

Renewed interest in exorcism

Apparently demand for exorcism in the US is on the rise lately, and Catholic priests are mobilizing to meet this supposed need. Now, American bishops are holding a conference on Friday and Saturday to prepare more priests and bishops to respond to the demand. The purpose is not necessarily to revive the practice, the organizers […]

Friday Link Roundup #14

Chris Hallquist has written an open letter to theists on the problem of evil. He’s just looking for your thoughts, not a debate. He asks some really worthwhile questions. If you believe in God, why not go answer him? Either way, please help spread the letter around. Ted Cox has a great article on AlterNet […]