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I’m back again! I missed you!

Yes, I’m actually coming back to blogging. I’m writing this in July but holding on to it until I have a couple weeks’ posts in the queue. Hopefully that buffer will allow me to keep up a consistent posting schedule. In my last post, I was highlighting what had changed for the atheist movement between […]

I can’t keep up

Just a general note about some of the latest chaos in the atheist blogosphere: I’m subscribed to a lot of atheist blogs, and I do read all of them. I haven’t been able to write much during the semester as I was adjusting to a new job and it turned out to take way more […]

And… we’re back!

I promised on Twitter a while ago that I would be back to blogging once the school year started. I know that means something different depending on where you are and what flavor of school you are in, but for me, Labor Day Weekend marks the end of the summer and the day after that […]

I’m now on Facebook

I’m back from a wonderful vacation and have to catch up on real-life responsibilities now. I’ll probably be back to proper blog posting tomorrow, but in the meantime I thought I should mention that I’ve created a Facebook page for this blog. The title of this post is maybe a bit misleading. I was on […]

Grad school >> NFQ

Man, I miss you guys. I’m just lacking the mental energy these days to put together decent blog posts. I’m focusing on being a responsible grad student and I have some looming deadlines plus a general desire to graduate someday, ever. This leaves me rather drained when it comes to writing about why someone is […]

Blogly housekeeping

First blog news item: I’m now on Twitter as @NFQblog. If you’re on Twitter too, I’d be ever so pleased if you’d follow me! I’ll be tweeting some shorter thoughts and stories that don’t make it into full blog posts, in addition to links to my posts as they go up. I’m a little nervous […]

Self-improvement plans

This morning I overheard someone — another graduate student, though one I don’t know personally — talking about how people who don’t worship her god must think that they are the supreme authority on everything and must not recognize their own shortcomings. It was an interesting synchronicity, as I have been thinking about my new […]

Should I blog anonymously?

No, this isn’t my Sunday moral dilemma coming a day early. I’ve just been wondering about this question, and I’m curious as to my readers’ opinions. I know quite a few of you have your own blogs — some under pseudonyms, some under (what I assume are) your real names — and the rest of […]

Distractions this week

This coming week, I’ve got a variety of things going on that will take away from my blogging time — some travel, some time spent with family and friends, and some assorted things that I meant to do during the semester that are now ultra-high-priority. In anticipation of these (mostly pleasant) distractions, I’ve scheduled posts […]

Hello again, blogland!

My vacation is over, and I’m back on the internet. Today is for getting my bearings in real life, and regular posts will resume tomorrow.