Comment Policy

I have comment moderation turned off, but I do have a spam filter. I’m trusting you folks to play nice and disagree respectfully. If a friendly debate turns into a flame war, I may disemvowel or delete extreme antagonism. I hope that I don’t have to write a more precise comment policy than that, but I guess we’ll see.

I check my spam filter as regularly as possible, but I get an incredible volume of spam and I might not catch your comment if it was accidentally flagged. If you’re finding that your comments aren’t showing up, send me an email at hello[-at-]noforbiddenquestions[-dot-]com and I’ll try to get it sorted out.

That being said — if I can’t tell the difference between your comment and spam, I’ll delete it. Sorry. If this happens to you, I suggest you try to keep your comment at least vaguely relevant to the post it’s on, make an honest attempt at correct spelling/grammar/punctuation, and keep your links to a reasonable number.

I use Identicons to provide avatars for commenters who don’t have a Gravatar already associated with their email address. Your Identicon will be the same for all your comments, on all blogs that use Identicons, as long as you comment with the same email. If you want your own Gravatar, go get one!