When someone’s beliefs sound crazy

Some lighter fare today. I couldn’t resist blogging a comic titled “How to React When Someone’s Beliefs Sound Crazy to You,” especially when it opens with the line, “Some people honestly believe things that completely defy all logic and reason.” I don’t want to spoil any bit of it by posting even a panel of it here — you need the whole comic for the full effect — so just click the Basic Instructions banner below and go bask in Scott Meyer’s brilliance.



What’dya think? Good advice? šŸ™‚

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  1. I love Love LOVE Basic Instructions. One of my favorites is “How to wash a cat” http://basicinstructions.net/basic-instructions/2006/9/17/how-to-wash-a-cat.html

  2. There are some fundamentals behind some of those old practices. Most of them psychological. The heart one though; good protein, salt which is hard to come by in hunting societies, fresh meat when perhaps there is a time delay better kills as there is no refrigeration. Liver and kidney would also be good, but unless cooked properly the liver of most (all?) animal would cause your skin to deteriorate.
    Also custom of taking the prime cuts for the best hunter/highest rankings tend to produce genetic trends towards improvements in the higher ranks (until they start mating with first order siblings).

    As to adapting it to todays’ world? Evolution (the generic one šŸ™‚ ). Those who adapt to their _current_ environmental success thrive, thus who insist on inherited behaviours _without_test/reason_ will fall into history. Far better to learn about modern farming of food, to find it’s “heart” than follow blindly and dogmatically – at last until better options come along.

    Although perhaps the lack of decent brains for food WOULD explain the prevalence of zombies in the modern world….

  3. Oh, and I consider all peoples’ beliefs to be crazy – or at least based on confabulation. What sounds “logical” and “reasonable” might not actually be “true”.
    So what’s seems better is to go with what seems to fit for now, and not grip the dogma – no matter how logical it might appear…. otherwise exterminating 60% of the human population would be the immediate logical thing to do, and can easily find compelling reasons for it (at least for the remaining 40%….)

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