I’m now on Facebook

I’m back from a wonderful vacation and have to catch up on real-life responsibilities now. I’ll probably be back to proper blog posting tomorrow, but in the meantime I thought I should mention that I’ve created a Facebook page for this blog. The title of this post is maybe a bit misleading. I was on Facebook already. But now I have a separate presence as NFQ.

I follow blogs using Google Reader, but I know not everyone uses RSS feeds, so — if you use Facebook more than you use an RSS reader, maybe you’ll find this a handy way to keep up with content here. (I’ll also sometimes post unique tidbits there, the same way I do on Twitter.) Maybe you’ll find it a useful way to share thought-provoking posts with your Facebook friends. And maybe you’re just feeling friendly and want to “like” me. 😉 Whatever the reason, if you’re a Facebook user too, please check it out.

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