I love America

Weird, right? Who knew that a godless heathen like me could actually be patriotic?

But seriously, folks. As I’ve said before (in the post I just linked to),

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is one of the greatest things about this country. Every time I consider the possibility of moving to another country someday, the First Amendment is what reminds me I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I love the American conception of rights as inalienable. I love the importance we place on free expression, free discourse, and free thought.

This is why the censorship proposed in SOPA and PIPA is deeply troubling to me. Protecting intellectual property is important, but we already have laws to do that and these bills don’t add anything effective. Instead, they would allow the government to shut down websites that link to other websites that contain any copyright-infringing content, or that post information which might be used to circumvent the censors. This would be an outrageous imposition on our freedom of expression and a crippling blow to the communicative and informative power of the internet.

In the time today you would have spent browsing Wikipedia or Reddit, please educate yourself about SOPA and PIPA and if you live in the US, tell your legislators how you feel.

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  1. Found out that all of my legislators openly oppose SOPA and PIPA. Still Tweeted them and let them know to continue their opposition. It’s not much (and I’m not very patriotic), but I definitely know an awful law when I see one.

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  3. Ah, man, this is amazing. Normally I would delete this comment as obvious (human-generated) spam, but I think it is so funny that someone with a “mission to promote prayer” thinks that “our sites can work together in a mutually beneficial manner” that I just have to leave it up.

  4. Ubi Dubium

     /  March 8, 2012 at 1:58 pm

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    That’s some of the funniest spam I’ve seen lately.

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