Breaking down Biblical prophecies

Keith Harrison (who you may have seen in the comments around here, and who blogs at Coming of Age) has been making headway lately on a great series of blog posts:

The theme is biblical prophecies. One of the recurring arguments I hear from believers is that the Bible must be true because of the fulfillment of so many of its prophecies.

Over the ages, people have claimed to have the ability to predict the future. However, be it a Biblical prophet or a modern day astrologer, not one of these people has shown his or her skills to be resistant to careful scrutiny.

So, my aim here is to demonstrate that all the well-known prophecies in the Bible can easily be explained by mechanisms other than real clairvoyance.

He’s already got links there to seven posts, and each follows a clear, deliberate, and conscientious format. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone, theists included, having real problems with the interpretations and explanations that he lays out. (Well, okay, it’s not that hard to imagine. But that’s because plenty of folks are pretty irrational, not because there are actually valid objections to be raised.)

This is a really fantastic series, and I urge you all to follow along as Keith adds to his list of debunked prophecies. At the very least, bookmark this index so that the next time an apologist tells you fulfilled prophecy proves Christianity true, you’ll have responses at the ready.

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  1. Thanks NFQ! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and it helps me to familiarize myself with the arguments used on the other side of the debate. I hope it can help others, too.

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