God says: It Getteth Better

I’m not really sure how I feel about this video, but I’m leaning positive. It’s pretty amusing, at least, and the It Gets Better Project is definitely a good thing. Really, anything that pisses off the National Organization for Marriage can’t be so bad.

This was apparently done as a promotion for comedy writer David Javerbaum’s upcoming book, The Last Testament: A Memoir by God, which I recall reading about recently over at Friendly Atheist. When I found that out, it became sort of sleazy in a way I don’t think the It Gets Better videos really should be. But it’s a nice message (that life as an LGBT person won’t always be lonely and frightening, the way it can be if you’re a teenager growing up in a homophobic environment). If you’re going to try to sell your book by reminding kids that they aren’t the scum-of-the-earth that the Christian Right would like them to believe they are, I guess that’s still a net positive. There are worse ways to advertise your product.

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