Friday Link Roundup #36

  • Shorter Soul Surfer: “Thanks, God and/or Jesus, for making a shark eat my arm off! Now I really understand the depth of your love and inspiration.”
  • Gregory Paul and Phil Zuckerman ask, Why do Americans still dislike atheists? Many thought-provoking statistics follow.
  • Check out the first Q&A in this week’s Dear Prudence column! There are so many things I love about the letter, written by a formerly devout Christian who lost his faith but not his morals, and Emily Yoffe’s answer to him.
  • Have any of you read and/or heard anything about Stephen Law’s recent book, Believing Bullshit? It sounds pretty interesting (though I’m mixed on the somewhat abrasive title).
  • SMBC sums up the story of Noah’s ark in one succinct, vivid analogy.
  • Don’t forget, Judgment Day is only eight days away! Better get all the important stuff on your to-do list crossed off before then!
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  1. Perhaps someone should start a ministry whose sole purpose is to bus Christians to the nearest shark infested waters with the aim of getting their limbs severed.

    I don’t think I’d join, but I’d definitely watch.

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