Friday Link Roundup #25

The end-of-semester crunch came at me out of nowhere this time. I’ve been busy, but I’ll be catching up this weekend and back next week with lots of good stuff. In the meantime, here are your weekly miscellaneous links.

  • Abstinence: you’re doing it wrong. (Heh. “Doing it.”)
  • Steve Wells has a long list of reasons why Christians should be ashamed of Jesus, all backed up with citations from the SAB.
  • I actually heard about that whole May 21 apocalypse thing on the radio — straight from the source! — and I thought about writing something about it, but luckily other bloggers are already on the story.
  • NASA announced some crazy news this week about bacteria that can incorporate arsenic into their DNA; Phil Plait explained it well.
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  1. NFQ, I think you need to add another entry to your fine series weighing in on the Foundation Beyond Belief’s latest attempt to address the concerns of those of us who don’t like them bankrolling religious organizations.

    I think the new FBB effort is well-meaning (and to that extent welcome) but still insufficient. I’d very much like to hear your thoughts.

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