Friday Link Roundup #21

  • File this under “makes me happy and sad at the same time” — the Air Force Academy now has a blossoming “spirituality community” for Pagans and Wiccans.
  • When you’re writing a card to congratulate someone on their wedding, it’s probably it’s a good idea to leave out any clauses that start with “Though we were saddened that you….” It’s just not the time. Even if you’re writing to disgusting, immoral heathens.
  • “According to sources at the corporate headquarters of fast food giant KFC, a young boy believed to be the third reincarnation of the chain’s regional manager for eastern Georgia was discovered in Chatfield, MN Tuesday following an exhaustive five-year search.” (Yeah, okay, it’s The Onion.)
  • Here’s another poem from James at Cubik’s Rube — and wow, there’s quite an exciting comment thread there now.
  • Check out this disturbing video clip from a documentary about religious schools in the UK. I’m sorry but not surprised to say the curriculum is “imported from the US.”

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