Friday Link Roundup #13

  • NY Magazine offers a profile of David Koch, one of the political and financial powers behind the Tea Party movement. (Via Truth Wins Out.)
  • Bill Donohue organized a rally against perceived discrimination since the private owner of the Empire State Building chose not to light the building’s windows in honor of Mother Teresa. The misunderstanding of civil rights is sad enough, but strangest to me is how Donohue acknowledges that this is not something Mother Teresa would even have wanted.
  • Pope Pius IX’s 1864 Syllabus of Errors lays out some important points of Catholic doctrine, including the wrongfulness of church-state separation, the necessity of Catholic theocracy, and the notion that civil law has no authority over church decisions. (Via Ross Douthat.)
  • You’ve probably seen this corny Christian painting before; someone showed it to me a while ago. Recently, though, I happened upon this spoof by ShortPacked! which is quite excellent. Make sure to compare and contrast the mouse-over text.
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  1. David Willis’ satires of religion can be hit-or-miss for me, but when he hits, man does he hit. I particularly like his theological-fantasy bus stop strips: they throw a few well-deserved jabs at Christian hypocrisy, but they’re also equal-opportunity satires, and I think Aslan’s longsuffering yet slightly sarcastic demeanor adds a lot to the humor.

    His spoof commentary of the painting that you linked to is also pretty hilarious, and points out the symbolism-happy absurdity of the original.

  2. Wow, those comics you linked to are outstanding. I never thought it possible to read so much from lion and polar bear facial expressions.

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