Don’t make Pascal’s wager

Readers, I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve just been switching back and forth between a few different posts, each of which will probably end up on the longer side and each of which deal with topics I want to cover carefully. As a result, nothing’s really finished so I’m going with a kind of cop-out, video post for today. 😉 Bear with me.

I’ve been thinking about Pascal’s wager again lately, since commenter Wesley told me,

So, accept it as “how it is” for now and take it up with Him someday when you meet Him – if the Bible is right/true, it seems like the better alternative don’t you think?

I’ve long been less than thrilled with this approach, and the arguments against it are pretty well-known among atheists. This is just not a realistically compelling way to get a nonbeliever to start believing. Nevertheless, people keep making the argument.

So, I present to you a fantastic, succinct treatment of virtually everything wrong with Pascal’s wager, from “The Atheist Experience” about two years ago.


I much prefer Marcus Aurelius’ version (which you may see up in my quotations display from time to time).

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