Friday Link Roundup #7

  • I didn’t post anything on July 4th (Independence Day in the US), but here — go read the Treaty with Tripoli, unanimously approved by the Senate in 1797. Don’t miss Article 11.
  • This week I’ve seen a few more good responses to that Slate column about agnosticism, including this one by Julian Sanchez and this one by Ron Gold.
  • Here’s an interesting NYT op-ed on the nuances of kosher certification and the startlingly large American market for kosher products.
  • This post at Love Gives Me Hope brings up some very complicated feelings for me. How do you react when someone does something nice, but which blatantly goes against their (still) deeply held religious beliefs?
  • Did you know that there’s a special way for Christians to think about global warming? Well, apparently there is! You can learn all about it here.
  • This article on cognitive dissonance includes a really striking story about a doomsday cult after their doomsday passed.
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  1. A lot of kosher products are yummy because they use enough salt! I get Hebrew Union hot dogs all the time whenever I want “grown up” hot dogs!

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