Friday Link Roundup #6

  • This free online course taught by Timothy Tennent is an explanation of Islam and the Qur’an for evangelical Christians, and it even comes with helpful tips for converting Muslims to Christianity (via Justin Taylor).
  • I found this photo essay about a Hindu car blessing ceremony (linked from this post). The juxtaposition of ancient and modern is very jarring, and hard to believe people take seriously. The real question: has anyone done follow-up studies to investigate whether blessed cars are less likely to need repairs or get in accidents?
  • Haha — I guess kids are listening more closely than you might think when you tell them about God!
  • I’ve had this beautiful song, “Blue Boat Home” by Peter Mayer, in my head for the better part of this week. The tune is that of an old Christian hymn, but this version is god-free.
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