The Humanist Symposium #55

Welcome to the 55th edition of the Humanist Symposium, a blog carnival dedicated to writing that supports and applies the philosophy of humanism. There’s some great stuff in here; I hope you enjoy reading through these entries and that you leave the participants some of your own thought-provoking comments!

Humanism and the World Around Us

Andrew from 360 Degree Skeptic shares his realization that “I have feet, so I’m always going to create footprints,” and reflects on what it means to care about the environment in Saving the Earth For What?

Rick Levy at Towards a Rational America and an Enlightened Judaism offers his musings on the experience of life in the universe both as awe-inspiring greatness and humbling insignificance, in Not Even Dust In The Wind.

Humanism and Society

Vjack of Atheist Revolution celebrates Memorial Day by honoring the founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation in Mikey Weinstein: A Champion of Religious Freedom in the Military.

Russell Blackford of Metamagician and the Hellfire Club explains the merits, both philosophical and pragmatic, of comprehensive sex education in Teenage births and abortions – responsibility is better than moralism.

Leah Libresco, who is starting up a new blog at Unequally Yoked, shares her recent article at the Huffington Post contrasting religious beliefs and secular humanist values, entitled Dalai Lama Wrong on Religious Tolerance.

I wrote about the importance of understanding our audience and our personal goals when advocating atheism to theists, in With whom are we debating?

Humanism and Ourselves

Greta Christina counters the charge of “that’s not what those body parts were meant for” by celebrating the human tendency to take our senses and abilities to new, praiseworthy levels in Sex and the Off-Label Use of Our Bodies.

Timm Simpkins at Godlessons discusses the impact of our beliefs on our happiness, and the importance of critically examining the beliefs that lead us to be unhappy, in Whence Cometh Happiness.

Andy at Laughing in Purgatory shares a conversation with his children in which he explained bodily operations without invoking a spirit or soul in A Talk About Brain Function With A Five Year Old.

See you next time…

That wraps up this edition of the Humanist Symposium! Make sure to send in your submissions for the next one, to be held June 27 at Somewhat Abnormal.